Branding That Sets You Apart

“A brand is the only assets that if managed correctly will never depreciate. A brand managed well can increase company value year after year.” - Steve McKee

Photo by Patrik Michalicka / Unsplash

How do you set yourself apart from the competition? Competition is everywhere. It’s hard to compete, when consumers have such a plethora of company’s to choose from. How do you set yourself apart? Your branding will either impact the customer positively, leading to their purchase of your products, or have them looking elsewhere. Whether you have a small or large business The Right Branding is essential to set you apart from the competition. Effective branding improves the visibility of and respect for a product/service/or company and drives sales. It also enhances margins as customers are willing to pay premium prices for products/services from companies they know & trust. 

Branding is beyond just a logo. Those that think a great logo is all they need, fail short of seeing their brand as an integral part of their customers life. Branding is the tone, voice and visual connection your customer feels/experiences interacting with your company. It continues well after your logo design. It is seen and heard in how your brand communicates within the market, with its employees and through the decisions it makes. 

Companies with successful Branding have: a well defined audience, know who they are, keep a consistent message true to their company mission and philosophy; and tie this all together through consistent visuals and marketing.

 Think of big brands you know. Why do they stand out? Why do you remember them? How are they important to you? These are all answered by the effects of their branding, either their branding succeeded or failed in setting them apart. 

Knowing branding is essential to your companies success, your likely thinking, where do I start in analyzing my brand?

That’s where SalesDriver comes in. We will help you craft a brand true to you, one that will set you apart from the competition. Our process involves defining ‘The Journalists Six’; why-what-where-when-who-how?

The most important of these; the “Why?”. Why your company exists and who you are will define your brand. If defined properly - focusing on your unique differences and with a fine tuned target audience - you will see your brand’s impact grow to drive sales. Remember branding is an important investment, not an expense.